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  1. tayoism

    Information TXT Tournament info

    It Will begin Sunday, October 10th at 2 pm EST You will have 24 hours to vote first match-- popping star vs. can't we leave the monster alive? :sakUwu: @Wingfrost @_WinterStorm @moonlight @AmysTeri @nekojin @Chae
  2. Strawberry_Poppy

    Information G-idle Tournament

    I will be doing a G-idle Tournament! I will collect the scores of every song about every 3 hours to 8 hours Then create the next round 4 to 6 hours after the scores are finished being counted B-sides will be included. Please comment to be tagged in the Tournaments
  3. Tsukino

    my own tournament master thread

    I am going to organise some tournaments based on my favourite idol groups (and most likely from groups listed on my signature) The first one I'll be doing will be NEO JAPONISM @ikonicraja @maruif @daeunraine @CanadianMAPLE @Tufoleek @MinSquishy @ParkSeonghwaaa @wayvoutsold @Yachii