toxic fans

  1. marublade

    How to stay non-toxic as a kpop stan

    1) Don't be an asshole to others 2) Don't be an asshole to idols 3) If you don't like an idol, don't watch their content just to shit on it 4) Don't believe rumours with no proof 5) "I saw oomf say it" is not proof 6) Don't have double standards for your own faves and others faves 7) You don't...
  2. marublade

    common toxic fan opinions

    There are some signs or opinions a lot of toxic stans seem to have.... I've named a few, but if oyu can think of any others for all means tell me! 1. You shouldn't call an idol by their stagename. If you do, you aren't a REAL fan. (Like WTF, but I've seen it quite a bit...) 2. You should only...