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  1. RockyGoose

    a TOXIC kpop group

    Just kidding, I think only their name is toxic. I don't think this group has disbanded, they are only on an hiatus. BTW the drummer is in a group called CNEMA now.
  2. smolappl

    Drop your unpopular kpop opinions

    I wanna know your unpopular opinions!! Be nice please, don't slander other idols a ton. I'll drop some of mine too!! 1) I think girl group choreos are nicer to watch 2) A lot of the 'bests' in kpop has to do more with popularity. Like a lot of people say Lisa is the best dancer and rapper, I...
  3. LeeriaYa

    What’s your red flag in relationships and friendships?

    Everyone has pet peeves, flaws, and things that make us side eye. But, we also have things that we don’t want in relationships to look for, or have. My biggest red flag that I make sure is always in my boundaries is I do not like having bullies, or people who normalize toxic verbal...
  4. maruberry

    How to stay non-toxic as a kpop stan

    1) Don't be an asshole to others 2) Don't be an asshole to idols 3) If you don't like an idol, don't watch their content just to shit on it 4) Don't believe rumours with no proof 5) "I saw oomf say it" is not proof 6) Don't have double standards for your own faves and others faves 7) You don't...
  5. maruberry

    The most toxic thing I have ever been told

    I just got hit... with the most horribly toxic thing ever. Like to the point I am actually surprised! "BTS said love yourself, they didn't mean you tho" WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK Like not only is this toxic, but it is also like.... highkey disrespectful to BTS and the message they are trying to...
  6. maruberry

    We don't claim those fans! [Toxic behaviour ppl don't realize is toxic]

    This phrase is imo one of the most problematic things one can say. This phrase shows that that the person using it is: A) Toxic - They think people they dislike aren't/shouldn't be fans B) In denial - They think themselves better than the "toxic" ppl they are disowning. This phrase is extra...
  7. maruberry

    Awards season makes me kinda toxic

    Awards season makes me have a lot of thoughts I recognize as toxic and shitty. I hate it. I'm just being a bitter hag. Somebody tell me I am being a bitter hag so maybe my braincells will understand that too.
  8. maruberry

    Jongin does't care about toxic comments... But he cares about fans who care about those comments!

    I like the way he thinks! My baby kai did a live today and there were Sasaengs running around and toxic comments galore and he said something legendary!