1. marublade

    News Yixing's company is looking for trainees! + Lee Sooman congratulates him

    Soooooo Yixing really in this shiz for LIFE! His company Chromosome entertainment is looking for trainees now! "The lowest standard for idols is Lay Zhang. I have only one requirement for you and that is - defeat me" @Exo-L
  2. SkylorRose

    I am a black 14-year-old girl and my mother is on board with me working to become a trainee, what now?

    Let me start this post with a couple of clarifications: I am aware that the likeliness of me being accepted as a trainee is extremely low and the chances of me debuting are even lower, however, I might as well try. I am currently learning Korean. I do realize and understand the risks of being a...
  3. marublade

    Appreciation I want these 2 babies to debut in Dream!

    The leak about Dream getting 3 new members soon... I am excited and I REALLY hope that the ones joining will be these 2 babies we saw going to Suju D&E's concert! They look adorable, they look to be about the age to join Dream, so PLEASE... PLEASE let the debut!
  4. marublade

    Looking for Trainees interested in becoming WayV stans!

    Thank you @JiYoo for the idea! It seems like many people are painfully unaware of the doings and goings of WayV and that includes a painfully large amount of NCTzens! I will take care to teach you all you need to know aboutthe members of WayV! The course includes Introduction to all 7...
  5. marublade

    SM trainees or Hidden SM rookies

    Which one do you prefer? I personally think there is a difference. SM trainee - any random trainee at SM Hidden SM rookie - trainee who will most likely be soon introduced as an SM rookie