1. Kat_in_the_box

    Appreciation I watched zombieland saga and it helped me (Overcome my fear of judgement for being transgender)

    Like I figured if the transition for them could work. Why couldn't it work for me? I was approaching it all wrong. Telling the worst types of people. Telling those I couldn't trust and wanting them to accept me, when I knew they wouldn't. I will continue with my transition, but only accept help...
  2. Kat_in_the_box

    Sensitive My Transition to Becoming a Woman on HOLD for now

    Mainly because - first and foremost my extremely phobic and opinionated family. saying hurtful things like 'I have strange ideas or its not normal' My step mother once cornered me in the car once and said in her 'culture' women are women and men are men or some bs story. then she demanded not...