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  1. smolappl

    The obsession with line distributions /neg

    I need to say first that this is mainly /lh because it's literally just music. BUT. The obsession I keep seeing with stans being so so so angry at groups and companies because of line distributions makes me cringe SO BAD. Recently I've seen it get really bad with Kep1er's debut and with...
  2. Goldenstar

    Information Twice The Feels choreo. video reached 80m views (their fastest dance video to achieve it)

    The Feels MV - 278m views The Feels Choreo video - 9m views The Feels Choreo video (moving ver) - 80m views :pepeheart:
  3. Goldenstar

    Photo Beautiful Nayeon on Biotherm event today

    She's so pretty
  4. Goldenstar

    Information NAYEON 1st Mini Album has exceeded 50,000+ pre-orders on Ktown4u

    :pepeheart: You can read more about the album here
  5. Yerichu

    Appreciation My Top Kpop/J Songs! (1-10 ish) ATM

    1: Russian Roulette 2: I Dont Know 3: Rookie 4: Happiness 5: No No No 6: Power Up 7: Love & Girls 8: Suki To Iwasetai 9: Scientist 10: Feel My Rhythm
  6. bangtrash

    Ranking Twice title tracks

    1. Fancy 2. I Can’t Stop Me 3. Dance the Night Away 4. Feel Special 5. TT 6. Cheer Up 7. The Feels 8. Like Ohh Ahh 9. More n More 10. Heart Shaker 11. Signal 12. What is Love 13. Scientist 14. Knock Knock 😂🙏🏾
  7. HueKaisBubbles

    Tourney Twice Tournament R2 - Fancy vs. Stronger

    Fancy and Stronger won against Hot and The Reason Why, respectively, and now they're goin g head-to-head! Which one is your favorite out of the two? Other matchups in Round 2: Look at Me vs. Yes or Yes Oxygen vs. Do What We Like ? vs. ?
  8. HueKaisBubbles

    Tourney Twice Tournament R2 - Look at Me vs. Yes or Yes

    The winners of the first two matchups are now going against each other! Which of these two do you think should advance? Other matchups in R2: Fancy vs. Stronger Oxygen vs. Do What We Like ? vs. ?
  9. HueKaisBubbles

    Tourney Twice Tournament R1 - Cactus vs. Candy

    Our final matchup of the round is Cactus going up against Candy, both from Formula of Love! Do you like the sultry balled Cactus, or do you prefer the beat of Candy? Other matchups in R1: Don't Give Up vs. Look at Me What Is Love? vs. Yes or Yes Hot vs. Fancy The Reason Why vs. Stronger Oxygen...
  10. HueKaisBubbles

    Tourney Twice Tournament R1 - Scandal vs. Conversation

    These are from Taste of Love (and I keep wanting to put Flavor of Love - thx Monsta X lol), the precursor to Formula of Love! These both have the same Ariana Grande vibe going for me, but which do you like better? Other matchups in R1: Don't Give Up vs. Look at Me What Is Love? vs. Yes or Yes...
  11. HueKaisBubbles

    Tourney Twice Tournament R1 - Do What We Like vs. Depend on You

    These tracks come from the album Eyes Wide Open! Which do you love better - the dance bop that is Do What We Like, or the super-chill Depend on You? Other matchups in R1: Don't Give Up vs. Look at Me What Is Love? vs. Yes or Yes Hot vs. Fancy The Reason Why vs. Stronger Oxygen vs. Shadow...
  12. HueKaisBubbles

    Tourney Twice Tournament R1 - Oxygen vs. Shadow

    Sorry for the delay - I kept meaning and meaning to come on here and post the rest of the round every day, but I kept getting distracted by the rest of the forum. I've linked the last few matchups to refresh your memory. Anyway, we just did Twice songs from 2017-19, and now we're onto...
  13. Yerichu

    News JYP Plans for 2022
  14. HueKaisBubbles

    Tourney Twice Tournament R1 - The Reason Why vs. Stronger

    These are two of the tracks on &Twice, the only Japanese album in the tournament. Which do you like better - the balladry of The Reason Why or the rump-shaker that is Stronger?
  15. HueKaisBubbles

    Tourney Twice Tournament R1 - Hot vs. Fancy

    These two head-bob-worthy tracks are from Fancy You, if you couldn't already guess by Fancy being one of them. lol But anyway, do you prefer the Latin flavor of Hot or the R&B vibe of Fancy?
  16. HueKaisBubbles

    Tourney Twice Tournament R1 - What Is Love? vs. Yes or Yes

    These are two singles from two different albums, but they have the same vibe (for me, at least) and are in the same matchup! Who will claim victory and advance to the next round?
  17. HueKaisBubbles

    Tourney Twice Tournament R1 - Don't Give Up vs. Look at Me

    First up, we have two tracks from their debut album, Twicestagram! Which out of these two is your favorite - the poppy Don't Give Up or the dance-y Look at Me?
  18. HueKaisBubbles

    Information Twice Tournament Information

    I've decided to do this knockout style, so there'll be sixteen songs in sixteen rounds instead of eight in eight. I just picked at random, but I tried to include tracks from each album. The Reason Why Oxygen Yes or Yes Scandal Conversation Stronger Shadow Cactus Don't Give Up Hot Candy Look at...
  19. VillageIdiot