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  1. Moguri

    Appreciation Minas visiting her birthday ads + caffee

    I love to see them visting all the nice things the fans set up for them :pandalove: @Once
  2. Moguri

    Appreciation Pretty Dahyun for A'PIEU

    She is so beautiful :kittylove:worlds finest dubu!:bigcatlove: @Once
  3. Yuzuru

    Chart March Idol Group Brand Reputation Rankings Announced
  4. Skorge

    Appreciation TWICE Sana - Fansign Event - March 19th, 2023

  5. Moguri

    Video Twice playing this or that on Pandoras IG

  6. Moguri

    Video Kai + Dahyun interview on Music Bank

    They also did each others dance challenge :pandaamazed: @Once @Exo-L
  7. Skorge

    Photo TWICE Nayeon - SBS Inkigayo - March 24th, 2023

  8. Skorge

    Photo TWICE Nayeon - Instagram Update - March 24th, 2023

  9. Moguri

    Dahyun returns as guest MC to Music Bank!

    What to expect: Also she will meet Eunchae again, I expect a lot of cuteness! :pandaamazed: @Once
  10. Moguri

    Teaser TWICE JAPAN 10th SINGLE to be released on 2023.05.31

    So they will have a group comeback before the MiSaMo debut :sanapray: Also according to the information on the website they linked: A total of 4 songs, including the title track, will be included. :pandaangel: @Once
  11. Moguri

    Twice second music show win for "Set Me Free" on Show Champion Congratulations to Twice, this is their 121 music show win overall :catsip: Sadly they were not present on the show to receive the award :sadcat: @Once
  12. Moguri

    Wendy can't handle her japanese Twice guests

    After Sana made her blush into oblivion last time, this time Momo makes her lose it @Once @Reveluv
  13. Skorge

    Photo TWICE Nayeon - W (Korea) - April 2023 - HQ

    This bunny is killing me right now!!! @Once
  14. Skorge

    Photo TWICE Nayeon - Soundwave Fan Signing - March 18th, 2023

    Bunny!!! @Once
  15. Skorge

    Photo TWICE Nayeon - Mini FanMeet - March 19th, 2023

    She's such a dream girl. :pandalove: @Once
  16. Moguri

    Appreciation Mina feeling excessively cute recently

    Cuddling the Maknae: Fixing the Unnie: Pingu Run: Dancing in tiny :sadcat: TEDDY BEAR: @Once
  17. Moguri

    Chaeyoung reminds fans to bring some positivity to fansign events...

    I have no idea what happend, but its sad to see her adress something like this.. how can people go to a fansign event and just complain to the idols instead of being happy :pepecry1: @Once
  18. Moguri

    Video TWICE "SET ME FREE" BOMB! Relay Interviews