1. bunnyviolet

    Appreciation 💖Jihyooo😍

  2. bunnyviolet

    Nayeon & Jihyo x Y Magazine

  3. Keuminies

    Hello gimme TWICE song recs

    These are the bsides i've listened to (including title songs) and I need some more twice songs to listen to :catsip::catsip:
  4. Keuminies

    me stanning twice when

    You gotta wait :jenniesmug::jenniesmug:
  5. Abeamus

    News Twice Jeongyeon to not participate in Seoul concerts due to health issues

    Hello, this is JYPE. After discussions with her and the other members, it has been decided that because of health issues, Jeongyeon will not participate in the Seoul concerts of TWICE 4TH WORLD TOUR ‘III’ that are scheduled for December 25 and 26. We apologize for delivering such unfortunate...
  6. Taengoo49


    ”*°•.˜”*°•OᑎE Iᑎ ᗩ ᗰIᒪᒪIOᑎ•°*”˜.•°*”˜ Welcome to the Chou Tzuyu Thread! PROFILE:Tzuyu (Twice) Facts and Profile BASIC FACTS: Full Name: Chou Tzuyu Birth: 99.6.14 BP: Tainan, Taiwan ZODIAC SIGN: Gemini CHINESE SIGN: Rabbit Representative Color: Blue In 2013, She was scouted at the MUSE...
  7. Yeonjunie

    Trading I'm trading these cards: RM, Taeyeon, and more!

    I'm looking for TXT's Yeonjun, Hueningkai, and Beomgyu Only. 💙
  8. hoeformina

    chile lemme put on my clown costume

  9. bunnyviolet

    Teaser TWICE - 'Doughnut' teaser

  10. bunnyviolet

    Teaser TWICE 'Doughnut' special teaser

  11. bunnyviolet

    Teaser TWICE 'Doughnut' Image Teaser 2

  12. bunnyviolet

    Teaser TWICE 'Doughnut' Image Teaser 1

  13. bunnyviolet

    Video TWICE 2022 Season's Greetings teaser

  14. OnlyCalB

    Performance Twice 'Scientist' @ SBS Inkigayo [21.11.21]

    Twice @ SBS Inkigayo 21.11.21 'Scientist'