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  1. JakeyWantsCakey

    Appreciation This one goes out to my twin!

    @karina this one's for you!
  2. _Enid_Sinclair_

    I am paranoid of balding like my twin has

    I love my hair so much, it's like my best friend. I'd hate to lose it all :( *Remembers the time I had hair as long as anything* Though I never took a photo of it and only my neighbour saw it and he said it was gross. lmao My dad is bald and so is his dad and his dad's dad was... sigh. I have...
  3. _Enid_Sinclair_

    Appreciation My Twin has his wedding this Saturday

    I am excited for it, even though no one in my family is going, because of covid 19. He is doing it via video stream I believe. Yes and this is the same brother of mine who has a twin as a gf. And she is pregnant as well. Bub due in October. And you're probably wondering why I am not married...
  4. _Enid_Sinclair_

    Appreciation My twin is having a kid with his twin gf

    Yes as the title says, she the gf of my brother is pregnant. Been for a month. Hilarious thing is, he told the family dog before he even told humans and she can't even talk lmaooo. Hurray for pregnancy and twins <3 He got there before me, but that was always going to happen lol