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ult bias

  1. tricky

    what are some of the best hairstyles from your ult bias?

    you only can pick one... Jerome (TO1) I really love the highlights of his hair, it fits him so much
  2. maruberry

    Appreciation The different ways my ults attack me

    I have 3 ults and each one of them has their own unique ways of killing me Woozi kills me with support and love. The way he loves Seventeen and Carats never fails to make me feel some kind of a way. His lyrics are always such a comfort to me. His very entire being in comfort to me. He is my...
  3. maruberry

    Appreciation I'd like to declare a 3rd ult bias

    This comeback has done it Kun has stepped onto the podium already occupied by Kai and Woozi. There is no other choice. He left me with no other choice. He is too mesmerizing, too stunning, so beautiful inside and out. There isn't a single thing about him I don't adore. Kun is perfection He is...
  4. xdreamsandflames

    who is your ult bias?

    i'm curious hehe mine is queen lisa <3
  5. maruberry

    Appreciation What is your ults most attractive feature?

    For me... Kai - Waist (For real though, his waist is enough to make me jealous) Woozi - legs here are some pics of Kai's waist bcs it REALLY does need more appreciation!
  6. Vyuna

    Why is your Ult your Ult ?

    Groups/Soloist/Bias whatever Comment what makes them your ultimate! ~ The music? The personality of the member(s)?
  7. Baechu

    Ireneisbaee needs your help!

    I've never thought that the day would come, where I question my ult bias Bae Joohyun aka. Irene from Red Velvet. She has been my ult bias for a decent amout of time now and no one has ever come close to beat her from that position... ...UNTIL NOW... I've recently found out about the girlgroup...