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  1. LeeHoseok

    News Rain to debut boy group packed with former survival show trainees (Under19, YG Treasure Box, PDX101, No.Mercy)

    CHOI SEOKWON FINALLY DEBUTING!!!! :pikahappy: Group includes: 1THE9 Sungwon Produce X 101 Moon Hyunbin YG Treasure Box Keita and Dohwan No.Mercy Seokwon @Boy Group @Wonderland
  2. Soleski

    J-hope on Under19

    So I am really late for this, but recently J-hope visited Under19 (its a survival show) and teached some of the trainees He was so cute and the trainees were so happy to see him in person :pepeheart: he is scary tho this was the cutest part :D this trainee, Sangmin is truly adorable...