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  1. NeoSquare

    MV Purple Beck - VALENTi

    The song is cute and catchy but not in the way that I expected it to be. It's not vey Purple Beck-ish imo. Also, the MV is of course low-budget. So sad cuz their other MVs were so nice... I like the song but it's my least favorite title track atm. I hope that the mini-album has better songs
  2. NeoSquare

    Comeback ☾ Purple Beck - Starry Night ☾ ⋆ March 21st ⋆

    This will be their first mini album!!! What we know for now: ✩ VALENTi was choreographed by Yeowool ✩ The members took part in the writing of the lyrics for Tearful
  3. NeoSquare

    News Purplebeck to come back in March

    Yisssss Purplebeck, the queens, will have a cb in March (no exact date known) The song is called VALENTi and Yeowool is in charge for choreography this time! All members worked on the lyrics of Tearfull So we get more than 1 song!!