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  1. Tiffany

    Welcome to our newest administrator Vikki.

    As we were missing an additional pair of hands, me & @karina looked for a potential member of the admin team, @Vikki came up as the number one candidate due to her proving herself on managing the cards team & being one of the most active member in the moderation team & has been helping out a lot...
  2. RainbowDevil

    Appreciation Even tasteless people have birthdays

    Yes, I know, tasteless people don't deserve to have birthdays I agree but hear me out this person is so tasteless they accidentally listen to good music sometimes. S O M E T I M E S Let's say today is that sometimes so without further adieu Let us celebrate @Vikki's birthday "Who might this...
  3. kuro

    Appreciation 10 reasons why @Vikki is the best

    to my aunt dad @Vikki I love you <3 ----------------------- 1) your attitude this is weird, but I always admired your attitude, you usually keep a calm head ish :wimwim: 2) dad jokes :sanapray: stan 3) flop aunt I still remember when you thought I was miri :umjicry: some russian food thing...