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  1. uran

    It must be said

    But yall are cute and sexy and thats ok. live your truth, be who you are. never be afraid to be better than others because we just cant help because we are stunning and you better know it or imma seduce your dad, become your step dad and then imma ground your ass for lying:snatched:
  2. maruberry

    Most ppl are lying to themselves about not caring about visuals

    SO MANY kpop fans claim to not care about visuals... and I just call total BS on that. While I do think there are SOME fans out there for who visuals are of no importance.... I with my whole heart think they are of the minority. Do you stan ANY idols who you do not find attractive? If you...
  3. maruberry

    Visuals are boring

    I think visuals are boring! Of course there are exeptions, but most kpop visuals have this same look They have very similar features it is boring! I prefer my idols unique, I want them to stand out! I don't care if the idol looks like Tzuyu or if the idol looks like JooE! I want their...