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  1. VillageIdiot

    Quick Favor

    Thanks for helping!
  2. VillageIdiot

    Appreciation [NB] KNETZ Being (Rightfully) Pissed at Seungri

    Seungri also indicted for sharing of hidden camera videos Article: Seungri indicted for sharing illicit material Source: Newsis via Nate 1. [+653, -6] I bet the higher officials are pissed. They're trying to get this buried at an appropriate pace but Seungri keeps holding things up ㅋㅋ 2...
  3. VillageIdiot

    Teaser Now This Is Just Tragic

    I- Just who thought this was a good idea? Who?
  4. VillageIdiot

    CARATS!! Thread title length must be at least 10 characters

    Identify this live for me :chickill: