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  1. la_mort_pour_vous

    Yoon Jisung Fan On Fire For "Ordering" LOONA's HyunJin Around.

    Because she picked up the golden rose thrown by the fan, originally meant for WannaOne's Yoon Jisung. HyunJin picked up the rose, thinking it was meant tor her but was then told that it was Yoon Jisung's. She seeked JinSoul for help, who seemed to understand the situation, & walked away...
  2. WhiteWadeWilson

    Performance (MAMA POLL) TOP 3 Stages @MAMA in KOREA?!

    I just put stages only from the local artists...excluding foreigner stages...feel free if you think some of em are good or great though 1. Rookie Challenge stages 2. LOONA - 3/1/ODD EYE CIRCLE/yyxy_Love&Live/Girl Front/love4eva/Hi High 3. fromis_9 - Intro+Love Bomb+Collab 4...