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we boom

  1. maruberry

    Appreciation NCT Dream didn't just release SOTY... but also the AOTY!

    They truly did! Not a bad song on that album, only bop after bop after bop! I've got no complaints! The songs are all different all very unique but all so good! If you haven't listened to the whole album you REALLY should, it is AMAZING! SM knows how to make a good album and they pulled no...
  2. inverity

    the future of NCT

    for the ‘00 line...specifically jeno and jaemin. where do you think they are going? renjun and chenle will probably end up in wayv. haechan is already in nct 127 but i feel like nomin has a lot of talent and i don’t want it to be wasted. also; if they end up in a unit(!!!) what do you think...
  3. maruberry

    Appreciation The Dreamies are gods of spoilers

    it is the way they give spoilers. They give a LOT and all the while are trying to stop eachother from giving them, with that only making more obvious what's a spoiler! I love it so much! I think in this vlive we got at least a spoiler per minute! PS: Asking if there's rope to tie Chenle up? A mood!
  4. maruberry

    Teaser NCT Dream Boom preview on Hello Councelor

    OH MY GOD IT SOUNDS SO GOOD! I am legit so exited, I can't wait because just LISTEN TO IT! It sounds AMAZING! I hear the sound of the god damn SOTY!