1. mysteric

    Let’s talk WEBTOONs!

    What are some recent Webtoons that you’ve been digging recently? IM THE GRIM REAPER just stopped to be featured and I’m in desperate need of some recs. Rise House Targaryen, mysteric
  2. NeoSquare

    Team Maple is recruiting!!!

    Hey there forum peepz I have been working on a Webtoon with a bunch of awesome people, and we are hiring: - 2 writers - 1 inker - 1 colorist - 1 illustrator - 1 GFX person Please pm me with your application if you are interested in joining :llama_uwu: Use Team Maple [ROLE NAME] Application...
  3. Ashla_K

    Manga/Webtoon recommendations by SuddenlyKfan

    Monster (+18) Innocent- Innocent Rouge (+21) Sun-Ken Rock (+18) Shokugeki no soma (+16) Kakegurui Claymore (+16) Shingeki no Kyojin (+16) If you haven't, go and check the manga. Houseki no kuni Bastard Tower of god Noblesse