1. Ryujin

    Welcome to our newest administrator Vikki.

    As we were missing an additional pair of hands, me & @karina looked for a potential member of the admin team, @Vikki came up as the number one candidate due to her proving herself on managing the cards team & being one of the most active member in the moderation team & has been helping out a lot...
  2. Discipline

    Intro Welcome new users!<3

    Hey! Welcome to KS, thank you so much for joining us! I hope that you will all stick with us and use the forums as I'd love to see all the new faces around the forum! If you have any questions, please don't be afraid to ask, we (staff) are more than willing to help! Once again, thank you for...
  3. Ryujin

    Announcement Welcome Everyone!

    After many hours of coffees & pizza consumed in order to make the website, we are proud to announce that we are happy to accept new members into our community, we hope everyone will be pleased with our many features, see you in the community soon! We have many features in place, please check...