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  1. centen

    News (G)I-DLE's Wife makes it to Korean TV news

    Journalist can't stop from dancing to it. :rosedance:Queens of everything. @Neverland More seriously, I appreciate that (G)I-DLE brought back the fun of second gen camp, but the message of their song is a giant eff you to men who think women are objects that exist to cook, clean, and look...
  2. katzewurst

    Appreciation Did she eat?

    Yes, it is
  3. Emanresu


    THANK THE GODS YOONA's HAIR IS BACK! Thank the gods. Angel, Eman's Dream Wife & Korean Perfection Yoona has long hair again. *Literally dies* Good Lord she's pretty.
  4. Emanresu

    Appreciation Nothing In This Fine World Is Better Than Yoona Pouting

    Nothing In This Fine World Is Better Than Yoona Pouting Absolutely Nothing. I shall retire now that I have seen the best there is. There's nothing more to see. Yoona pouting solved everything. Heaven. Sheer heaven.
  5. yeji

    What Gyuri DP should I use?

    :yolk: Gyuri is just so perfect so I can't decide which gif I want to use as my dp help a sis out, please. :sanapray: 1. [my current dp] 2. 3. 4.
  6. Emanresu

    Appreciation Who Needs ASMR? I've Got Yoona At The Sea!! - (*UPDATED W/ PHOTOS)

    Who Needs ASMR? I've Got Yoona At The Sea!! While all you folks be into those ASMR videos for sleeping or whatever it is. I just watch this. I'mma put this on loop for hours!!!! I can fall asleep to Yoona saying things I don't understand and being the cutest thing on the whole planet...