1. lexus

    Who's discography is better?: (G)I-dle vs CLC

    Who's discography is better? I must know :susPepe: Obviously both groups are amazing, but I want to know whose discography you like the most. (This isn't a thread to pin them against one another either lol) I've listed their title tracks as well just to use for reference. I'm not going to post...
  2. A

    Announcement We are implementing Tournament rules + if you want to remove your wimwim badge

    Greetings. Long time no see from me in announcements, but here we are. I have two things to share. In order to prevent clutter in Tournament section and to prevent Tournament threads flooding in New Posts, we are introducing teeny-weeny section called Tournament Rules & Guidelines. Most of...
  3. Baechu

    Appreciation Happy birthday @Tir!

    Happy birthday to our wonderful mod @Tir !!! @Ireneisbaee Happy birthday buddy :zoomeyes: I'm gonna start this like every birthday message that I write: I hope you enjoy your birthday with a lot of presents and lots of cake!... So, where do I start? It's been such a long time since I've talked...