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  1. Violet48

    Performance WJSN Aura OT10 Version (Wonderland Concert- 12/6/2022)

    WJSN finally has the chance to perform Aura as a 10-member group during their recent Wonderland concert. They did a great job with this performance and I give props to Dawon for learning the choreography in 2 days (Welcome back Dawon :PandaUnicorn: )
  2. RainbowDevil

    Appreciation Atiny I bless y'all

    As expected when a group I love comes out with smn dope I gotta make gifs for it :sanapray: Enjoy! (If it wasn't obvious I loved Wooyoungs scenes) (This is the only one I edited but I love it so much :sanapray:) Now to comment, I have my doubts about Wonderland, it's still...
  3. yeji

    MV [Special Clip] Dreamcatcher "Wonderland"

    Yes another special clip released. So happy that Wonderland got one.