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    Vibe Check

    https://en.shindanmaker.com/937709 I failed https://en.shindanmaker.com/chart/937709-4f720c024f652346c84dc2dac5783b6c351a6805 Wbu? Peace out y’all, mysteric
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    Do you think

    your zodiac fits you? I’m a Leo and it’s kinda really off :/ My moon sign fits me a lot more tbh wbu? Peace out y’all, mysteric
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    Less than 80 days until the 2010s end

    :yolk: Peace out y’all, mysteric
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    idk how to title this

    Os m’y dad accidentally burnt something in the night so I woke up at 1:40 (eyyy) to inhale a bunch of smoke and now I think I’m paranoid since I smell smoke everywhere but no one else smells it? I know I have a strong sense of smell, but I’m even tasting it in my water and apples I- We’ll miss...
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    More NoMin content for your soul

    Peace out y’all, mysteric
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    KPop GG Songs as Pretentious Piano Pieces

    cuz why not Lee Hi’s Breathe as Nuvole Bianche 4Minute’s Hate as Winter Breath aka the ultimate troll piece (Starts off as “oh! soft, calm music! but nope) Zimzalabim as Fantaisie Impromptu (Mess^TM, only people of taste like it, the composer is having too much fun) SNSD Gee as Für...
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    Dark or White Chocolate?

    ^^^ I’m trying to prove a point to tasteless diabetes-wanting backpacks Peace out y’all, mysteric
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    ChenJi’s This and That Ep15

    That awkward moment when northern are 90s kids... Peace out y’all, mysteric
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    Guess Who’s Back

    back again... :pikadab: So I’m back ig? I’ll probably be very inactive until I get my life and homework under control lmao Anticipate These Nights, mysteric
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    News AB6IX Lightstick

    Not feeling the gray tbh but it otherwise looks fine Peace out y’all, mysteric
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    Teaser FAKY Girls Gotta Live MV Teaser

    Kind of sad that Anna left, but I’m so excited for this? Peace out y’all, mysteric Edit: nvm I’m dumb and didn’t notice that the MV came out 3 hours ago
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    News Saturday Official Colours

    It’s so cute :pikahappy: Peace out y’all, mysteric
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    Facts That You Forget?

    ^^ Mine: Sulli and Wendy are the same age Jeno and Jaemin joined SM on the same day SM tried scouting Winwin for 3 years. Boy stopped attending the Central Academy of Theatre (perfect attendance and number 10 in the entrance exam too) to train Apparently the same person scouted Taeyong and...
  14. mysteric

    Catching up on birthdays rip

    Since I haven’t been active when 3 of my bias wreckers of my top groups had their birthdays rip To Luna: A vocal and dance queen, totally deserves better. Super sweet and happy and deserves the world tbh. Stream Free Somebody To Jaemin: NCT’s lover boy. Again, super sweet and kind. Boy...
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    Interview The China line Dream vs Dream We’ve Been Waiting For

    Chenle is 127’s biggest fan is confirmed Stream Boom, mysteric
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    NCT NCTmentary Theory ig?

    I haven’t seen anyone else talk about it, but I just noticed some parallels between the second video (Switch) and the Interlude from the Regular Irregular album? Here we see Winwin talk about how he saw waves in his dreams, and how it profoundly touched his heart. That exact sentence was used...
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    News I’m Kang Daniel guys

    https://www.buzzfeed.com/chaeyu/who-is-your-twice-gf-3u6fi8d9nm Peace out y’all, mysteric
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    10 reasons why @kuro is the very best

    that no one ever was (dun dun dun) Aesthetic queen. Need I say more? Super fun and chill to talk to. You could literally say anything to her and she’ll take it in stride. Visual queen :pikahappy: Lowkey forced me into a marriage but that’s okay I forgive her Speaking of which, legendary...
  19. mysteric

    Idols You Perceive Differently?

    are there any idols that you see in a different way than the general fandom? Ex. A lot of people see Jaehyun as an fckboy but he seems so soft and empathetic of a person? He genuinely looked so worried for Winwin throughout the video like he was just feeling what Winwin was feeling 97 line is...
  20. mysteric

    Coincidence? I think not

    late, but I got a Happy Birthday ad for Mark on a NCT Dream vidéo I cry :bigcatcry: Peace out y’all, mysteric