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  1. RockyGoose

    Fanfiction Please Don't Leave Me | Woosan fanfic

    “Wooyoung, I have to go.” San says. “No, please don’t leave me.” he says with tears in his eyes. “I have to.” Then Wooyoung grabs his wrist. “Please... let go of me...” San says slightly annoyed. “I’ll never let go.” San looks into his bloodshot eyes. “Don’t cry, my love.” he says and...
  2. RockyGoose

    Fanfiction Bitter Coffee Day | woosan fanfic

    A fanfic that I wrote on a different forum. Bitter Coffee Day The sky is grey and covered by clouds. San is lying on the couch of his apartment, just gotten home from work. He closes his eyes and sighs. "What a day..." he says to himself. Today, it had been a bitter day at the coffee shop, he...
  3. Saythename17

    WooSan Vs. WooSanHwa

    What do you choose? That's a hard question for ATEEZ OT8 stans, like me. Want some time to think lol
  4. tayoism

    What Is your number one ship in kpop?

    My number one ship is woosan all the way. They're so cute together. :nekoshy: