1. marublade

    Audio "Happy birthday" Studio version [A song Woozi wrote together with Carats on his birthday]

    AHHHHHHH I AM SO HAPPY! THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL WHY IS THIS SO BEAUTIFUL! I can't stop smiling I am in love.... THIS SO BEAUTIFUL! This is THE Birthday Song from now on! PS: This is the original version made on vlive @Carat
  2. marublade

    Appreciation The different ways my ults attack me

    I have 3 ults and each one of them has their own unique ways of killing me Woozi kills me with support and love. The way he loves Seventeen and Carats never fails to make me feel some kind of a way. His lyrics are always such a comfort to me. His very entire being in comfort to me. He is my...
  3. marublade

    Audio "Thank you for being born" - a song by Woozi & Carats

    If you didn't know, it was Woozi's birthday on the 22nd! For it he did a 2 hour vlive, where he wrote a birthday song together with fans! @Carat
  4. marublade

    Why are companies so iffy about debuting really short idols?

    I mean yeah, I get why they want the groups to be tall, bcs beauty standards... BUT, one short member can be an excellent draw and standout thing. They make the cutie factor sky rocket, they are just generally interesting to see in a group etc SVT's Woozi was the biggest fan attractor back in...
  5. marublade

    Appreciation Routine masterpiece reminder [Still waiting on a studio version that's never coming]

    What kind of future deserves better It should've been the title of a solo album.
  6. Saythename17

    First SEVENTEEN song you listened to?

    The first SEVENTEEN song I listened to is Boomboom. What about you?
  7. marublade

    Appreciation Unreleased songs that NEED a studio version.

    I'm just here to reminds ppl the masterpiece "What kind of a future" by Woozi exists and that the world would be a bleaker, less wonderful place without it! What other songs like that exist?
  8. marublade

    Appreciation Fun facts about Woozi

    Here are some fun facts about Woozi! I hope you find them interesting Has rock hard abs, but has never showed them to fans (intentionally) Fans theorize he has a nipple piercing, but he claims to have no piercings. He dislikes being seen as cute He was originally supposed to be in the...
  9. marublade

    SVT members fucked up

    They made Woozi mad. I did say they were fooling around in his studio a bit too much!
  10. marublade

    What is your favourite type of Woozi?

    Which of these is your favourite type of Woozi? Tired Woozi? Cutiepie Woozi? Angel Woozi? Sexy Boss man Woozi? Shorty Woozi? Pick your favourite one and let me know!
  11. marublade

    What Woozi means when he says he doesn't like skinship

    Like everybody knows Woozi is a cuddler. When he is tired, he cuddles, it's as simple as that! But despite all that he still says he doesn't like skinship and I get what he means by that. He means he doesn't like being manhandled and unnecessarily cooed over. Aka anything caused by him being...
  12. marublade

    Appreciation I love him so much it hurts sometimes

    Woozi loves seventeen I love him for that I love the infinite amount of love and appreciation he has for the members. How he will look at them with such pride and adoration in his eyes. The way he smiles at them makes my heart soar with happiness Seventeen are Woozi's quarencia They are his...
  13. marublade

    Appreciation If you wanna make fun of Woozi's height...

    ... first think about the fact Wolverine is shorter than Woozi.
  14. marublade

    Appreciation My DP >>> yours

    Woozi's thighs and butt! :sj_weary: :sakUwu::sanapray:
  15. marublade

    Cover Woozi covering "bye bye my blue"

    His voice is so angelic.... :pandasad: I wanna hear him sing me to sleep!
  16. FaceMcShooty

    Woozi vs Wonwoo

    What is your preferred leg hair aesthetic? :sanapray: maruif's dp: or Wonwoo
  17. marublade

    Performance Woozi performing What Kind of Future @ bumzu's concert

    He made a masterpiece without even realizing it. This song and his voice deserve to be heard by everyone.
  18. marublade

    News Seventeen caught rigging polls

    Look at those cheaters! is it a coincidence that all Woozi, Hoshi AND Seungkwan have 11 votes AND SVT currently has 12 members promoting? it's not, Hoshi confirmed it. These hoes rigged the polls by all voting for one groupmate.
  19. marublade

    Fanart I tried to do the scribble effect!

    Soooooooo.... I think I did alright for first try! It kinda stops at one place in the middle, the sun is too quick and the ending exit too slow BUT... I really like the beginning! Look forward to me doing more of this!