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  1. maruberry

    First word that comes to mind when thinking about your ult groups members

    When thinking about the members of your favorite group... what is the 1st word that comes to mind? for me, with EXO: Xiumin - cute Suho - leader Lay - tired Baekhyun - Funny Chen - vocals Chanyeol - tall Kyungsoo - manly Kai - god Sehun - baby
  2. perhapz

    Teach me a word/expression in your/another language

    Hello! So, do you guys have any word/expression in your/another language that you think is interesting? Teach me! For me, I'd like to say that the word I liked the most when I was learning English was "perhaps", just because it sounds cool. I ended up turning it into my username, as you can...

    Game Acronym Game

    Think of several random letters ( it can be IDOLS, GROUP NAMES, FANDOM ) etc. and make a sentence out of it. Then post the next Acronym for the next player, once you post your answer. Continuation...etc etc etc It has to somewhat make sense. :pepehelp: It can get quite tough, but I am excited...