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  1. maruberry

    comment a word and I will tell you the idol I associate with it!

    Quite simple! Tell me a word, any word and I will tell you what idol comes to my mind in association with it! Like it can be ANYTHING from beautiful to acrophobia to whisk
  2. maruberry

    Game Describe your bias in 3 words, words can't be repeated

    The title pretty much says it all. You have yo describe your bias in 3 words and 3 words only, but after somebody has used that word, nobody else can use it. Sooo if I call mine Beautiful, that word is off limits now. I'll start. Woozi is talented, stunning and short
  3. Mangoey

    Game Change one word to create a new phrase

    You can either add a word, change a word, or subtract a word (only if there are more than 2 words) to create a new phrase. For example: 1. Chocolate Strawberries 2. Chocolate Box 3. Box of Chocolates What you cannot do: 1. Chocolate Strawberries 2. Chocolate (it's too easy) I'll start...