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world tour

  1. NeoSquare

    Information (G)I-DLE releases dates for their upcoming world tour I-Land (Who Am I)

    This is a hugeee tour, especially for a first tour
  2. maruberry

    News Seventeen to have a comeback AND a world tour!

    Pledis has announced a comeback in early august (date not set yet) and a world tour Ode to you!
  3. K

    News Pentagon announce their world tour dates!

    Well, a world tour minus Europe... My hopes of ever seeing them live are crushed...:bigcatcry: I'm still super proud of them anyway!! ❤
  4. Marianthi

    News Twice Announces World tour!!!

    Omg it's happening!!!!
  5. kuro

    speak yourself: tour

    bts have added more dates, since they sold out at a record rate of 1k tickets per minute legends only, but still can't go, since im broke af :pepecry2:
  6. LeeHoseok

    News Monsta X announce 2019 'We Are Here' world tour dates!

    AND WE GET THEM ALL AT ONCE!!!! Anyone else planning to go?