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  1. Saythename17

    Which countries have you been to?

    For me, none! 😭😭😭😭
  2. FaceMcShooty

    Which country would you like to live in?

    Which country would you like to live in, some day? :pepesmug:
  3. Soleski

    BTS WORLD discussion thread

    armys: @Jimin @lexus @GoldenBunny @Soleski @MsJimin @kuroyuri @Seokjin @blurryface @bulletproof @StarWarsBitch @Wingfrost @deadstar @TWIZZLER @QueenGirlCrush @Tpse @MonCherry @KimTaehyung @KookievsCookie @Hallybell the game is finally out! what do you think about it? did you tried it? I am...
  4. Soleski

    Appreciation BTS world OST part 1 'Dream glow"

    🥰 🥰 next one is going to be Vhope :pepeheart:
  5. kuro

    what's the time over there?

    for me, it's 8:43 soon to be 8:44 just asking because I'm dying from anticipation for Coachella lol :sj_weary: :sj_weary: :sj_weary: @maruif @Jiminish @Darjeeling my main hoes lol