1. FLEUR

    Exposing Myself...

    ❅ MERRY CHRISTMAS ❅ As the year wraps up , I wanted to do a bit of an appreciation thread for my friends and the community here. ❅A Message For The Community❅ I appreciate the close and supportive community here and can't wait to befriend more people here. I hope you all have an amazing...
  2. oppasenpaigod

    18+ My thoughts about A.C.E

    I just want everyone to know and love these boys. Ever since cactus theyve gotten my atenttion. Not only with their thighs that can crush me in a nanosecond but the song itself and choreo just amazed me. Then for a while i didnt really pay atenttion to them but then my boyf- *cough* friend @Reo...
  3. marublade

    The 4 cuties await you!

    I, Maruif, the queen of hard stans have teamed up with 3 actual cuties @blurryface, @Darjeeling and @JoanaIsHere to make an ANON :pikahappy: Send us in your questions, befitting of our cutie statuses! Unless you prefer questions that are less cute in that case send those too! PS: If you like...
  4. marublade

    Appreciation How...Why... and when did Chenle grow up?

    Sorry but I am not fine... How did this adorable fetus... Grow into a man like this?
  5. InTooManyFandoms

    Idols with amazing eyes?

    Just post some idols that you think have very amazing eyes <3
  6. marublade

    18+ Vixx lyrics + EXO songs would slay my life [Very mildly 18+]

    just thought about this... I love EXO songs, they are sexy! But they don't always have the best lyrics! I love VIxx's lyrics, they are sexy and seductive, but I don't care for the songs... What I need in my life is a song that has the sound of an EXO song and lyrics like a Vixx song! Just...
  7. marublade

    Wonho... [18+]

    I kinda like Monsta X, but have never really looked into the members... But NOW.... I have dicovered Wonho... My hard stan mind is currently in shambles. His outfits and him are everything I didn't know I needed in my life! I mean! Just look at this! I just want to grab onto that choker and...
  8. Soleski

    Appreciation This is so cute

    N.Flying Is Trying To Find The Person Who Posted About Their Song “Rooftop” Online I am not even a fan, but these guys are super nice! :pandalove: and this is really good :pepeheart: