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  1. maruberry

    Pnation is debuting an 09-liner?????

    WTF Like Pnation and JYP had a show where they put 2 groups together The JYP group's youngest is an 07-liner which is young af, but I can understand a 14 yearold debuting. There's plenty of those around The Pnation group tho???? AN 09-LINER??? WTF, THAT'S A LITERAL KID WTF WTF WTF Just both...
  2. glo

    Sensitive nctzens coming for yoon

    someone on tiktok is spreading a rumor that stayc yoon dated jungwon and she abused him, and sexually harrased him. saying she also, is racist and mocked desi (though she had posted BLM on her insta pre-debut ((now private and deleted her old insta))) Yoon never mocked desi... stayc is...
  3. maruberry

    Appreciation Kun flying a GOD DAMN PLANE!

    I posted this in the WayV thread, but I feel like this development needs its own damn thread. KUN. FLYING. A. PLANE KUN IS FLYING/LEARNING TO FLY A PLANE! A GOD DAMN PLANE!!!! KUN! It's like he is intent to ACTUALLY learn to do every god damn thing on this planet AND WE CANNOT STOP HIM...
  4. K

    I'm dumbfounded each and every time

    I'm starting to fear you guys won't believe me if I share these stories too much, I know how they sound but I swear, all of them are fully true.. so today at work I was avoiding this incredibly annoying man who has this very.. unique way of hitting on just about every girl and woman at...
  5. maruberry

    People getting shit for using AAVE is the most insane shit I've ever seen

    Aka essentially using black slang..... Not using derogatory terms.... just.... slang.... That shit is just insane, should I get mad at any russian who speaks estonian bcs they used to oppress us and tried to kill off the estonian language? Ofc fucking not, that would be insane. Shit has gone...
  6. maruberry

    WTF was I thinking a year ago?

    So Every now and again I go back on AKP, just to see if I have notificiations... And then usually I have a bunch of new likes bcs one of my ancient threads has been resurrected.... And this time I saw the thread I MADE.... WTF WAS I THINKING???!!! WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK WAS I THINKING??? I...
  7. FaceMcShooty

    I went to buy sugar...

    I went to buy sugar but the shelves were completely empty! Nothing else is missing, only sugar :sanathink: Sooo, is sugar the new toilet paper now?? I just want to make coffee :sadcat:
  8. K

    thank you, brain

    it's 4 am and I woke up from a nightmare caused by an asmrist saying "sleep sleep sleep...." which my brain has turned into "slip slip slip....* when I was dreaming that I was flying (and also fighting some kind of BTS yellow paper plane) ???? idek ...
  9. K

    stop telling me to have babies!!

    a week or two ago, after finding out my age, a man told me "well what are you waiting for, start having kids" and yesterday or so a random guy came to me at work and said I need to do something about my future work wise and also get married and start having babies loool and he also said "you got...