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  1. maruberry

    I made a short movie!

    I'm in the film club at my university! I was involved in a project to make a short move and this... IS that movie!
  2. K

    feels good....... (a mini mental detox)

    today I got rid of a bunch of stuff through ebay.. feels nice giving things away to people who need them more.. and I also deleted a bunch of contacts from my phone, exes and people I don't even like who only harmed me.. screw them, I don't want to be reminded all the time.. I still have a long...
  3. chilloutdiana

    Intro intro to my head>>the thread

    ~Hello~ 💙Special thanks to @Mayah @Darjeeling and @Jimimis for encouraging me to make threads💙 I'm diana, or daena, and I'm very excited to open my mind up to you, and someday the world too :D Now, if you decide to stick by my side, you gotta know what goes on. My range can be; >> soft...
  4. maruberry

    Appreciation Stray Kids are gay af

    Gay and LGBT supporters! How do I know this? Well at a recent fansign, a fan asked Felix what his ideal type was. His answer? "Male or female?" They even attended pride parade in NY! Hyunjin also was found to be reading a lesbian romance book! On top of that wearing clothes that support...
  5. maruberry

    The 4 cuties await you!

    I, Maruif, the queen of hard stans have teamed up with 3 actual cuties @blurryface, @Darjeeling and @JoanaIsHere to make an ANON :pikahappy: Send us in your questions, befitting of our cutie statuses! Unless you prefer questions that are less cute in that case send those too! PS: If you like...
  6. Yili

    Solo [OFFICIAL] WayV/NCT Hendery Thread

  7. maruberry

    If we haven't talked... Come introduce yourself, let's get to know eachother!

    I want to make more friends on this site! So if we haven't talked yet let's get to know eachother and maybe we can have some fun! If you're just a lurker on this site come say hello aswell! I would love to know you too! If you have no friends on this site and feel left out... COME SAY HELLO! I...
  8. maruberry

    Appreciation NCT has the best managers!

    I love how well the managers sem to be taking care of them and how much the members love them! Honestly, the dremaies managers MC Ari is a god damn legend! The way the dreamies say his name is amazing! I love how all of the members just trase the managers aswell!
  9. maruberry

    News WayV will have their comeback in the first half of the year!

    I can't wait! It will be legendary and I am pretty sure they will be promoting this one, so appearing on music shows etc... I hope this one is mostly original songs and the title track is an original. I don'tmind them having like 1 or 2 chinese version on their album as long as ost of the album...