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  1. Puffy_Sweetcakes

    Nearly been on KS for three years

    In September is when my third year happens. It's exciting because I've never been on a message board this long. Long live discussion and kpop :yes:
  2. LeeriaYa

    What do you want to achieve by 2025?

    :pandafightL: Come one. Come all. Come on down to brawl. De-motivation no more, and you truly have no late time to start your goals. :pandafightR: The group I’m assigned to was asked this question. Because we don’t want to put anyone in panic, and even I got to think about it. By 2025, I want...
  3. maruberry

    Match idols to seasons of the year

    This is kinda hard to explain, but assign every season of the year an idol to represent it. Which idol is most winter- , summer- , spring- , autumn-like in your opinion. For me.... Winter - Irene Spring - Woozi Summer - Rocket Punch's Sohee Autumn - Kai