1. lexus

    Appreciation YG main vocalists cover Yedam's "Wayo"

    I love their renditions of Yedam's song, especially Seungyoon and Taeyang's :sanapray: Also what you think of their covers? I think they're all pretty nice :sanapray: Anyways, support Yedam and Treasure :sanapray: (If the timestamp doesn't work then just skip to 1:26 so don't have to hear...
  2. chvnle

    Solo Official Bang Yedam Thread

    Welcome to the Official Bang Yedam Artist Thread ! Bang Yedam is an upcoming YG trainee that has made multiple appearances in the public with YG treasure box, Stray Kids' elimination show, etc. He's trained for a total of 6 years and is currently 17 years old. He's had the longest training...