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yes i'm shitposting

  1. izcream

    genuine question: how do people even fall in love with someone they met online?

    not to be rude but i don't think i'll ever understand how some people are able to fall in love with someone on the internet? i know that you can get to know each other first before dating but what makes you think that the person you're dating online is who they claim to be? what makes you so...
  2. izcream

    what's your favourite color?

    pastel blue and pink for me :sanapray:
  3. blueberries

    Thanos with Finnish accent (no end-game spoilers)

    Aka total shitposting for thread count. 95/100 bish! :pikadab: Tbh, although the the Finnish accent should be funny to any, I'm dying with all the Finnish meme's and references from Moomins to god-awful Digimon dubs. Route for 100 support crew
  4. inverity

    yolks how do you feel about this tweet?