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  1. Jakey_Yoda

    Discussion What are y'all expecting from Treasure's debut?

    What are you all expecting from their debut? All we've heard from them musically so far is Going Crazy and although I love that song, it feels a little outdated, probably because it was written a while ago and I'm really curious to see how YG pulls off a more innocent concept like the one...
  2. Jakey_Yoda

    News Han Seo Hee's lawyer alleges that MORE YG artists are guilty of drug use...

    Han Seo Hee's lawyer Bang Jung Hyun has alleged other YG Entertainment artists are also guilty of drug use. In an interview on CBS Radio's 'Kim Hyun Jung News Show' on June 14, Bang Jung Hyun went over the circumstances surrounding informant 'A' Han Seo Hee's involvement in former iKON member...
  3. vogue

    Teaser WINNER "MILLIONS" MV Teaser#1

    am I the only on that did not know that a comeback is happening this soon?

    Discussion Which K-Pop company out of the big 3 do you lean towards the music of the most?

    I lean towards the music of YG the most, it's the only company out of the big 3 that i listen to nearly all the artists of, i never listen to JYP's music, and listen a little bit to SM, mostly EXO. What about y'all?