1. RainbowDevil

    News Lim Young Min officially leaves AB6IX

    Breaking: Lim Young Min Officially Leaves AB6IX Following DUI they announced it today... damit Youngmin you screwed up your entire career for you to be fucking drunk. This is why i hate alcohol and similar stupid shit, why put yourself in that type of state? Even if your not a celebrity...
  2. Marzz

    Who's Your AB6IX Bias?

    Mine is Youngmin all the way. :pikahappy:
  3. Marzz

    Favorite song by AB6IX?

    Mine is Hollywood. I love it so much! I'm totally not obsessed with the performance M/V
  4. Pigeon

    Appreciation YA YA YA YA YA

    stan mxm such cuties I- stan txt, park jihoon, ha sungwoon, daniel, brand new boys(including daehwi and woojin) , guanlin, jaehwan, jinyoung, seongwoo, jisung, minhyun, and fromis_9