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youth with you

  1. RainbowDevil

    News Lisa will be a mentor again on Youth With You

    Surprise surprise Lisa is once again the mentor on the show. Gonna be interesting to see her schedule this time around and bossing the trainees around. If this doesn't clash with her solo debut idk what will. I can imagine she won't be available for it like other mentors were for other...
  2. Monster

    Fanart [Youth With You Season 2] Xie Keyin's Telegram Sticker Pack

    (I hope I'm posting this thread in the right place :llama_laugh:) So as I was watching YWY I couldn't stop myself from laughing at the Xie Keyin's reactions to everything. I just find her so funny and I felt like I had to make a sticker pack for telegram with her reactions. And now I wanted to...
  3. QueenB

    News Youth With You Results

    The group will be called The Nine Final Members: 1- Liu Yuxin (Xin Liu) 2- Yu Shixun (Esther Yu) 3- Xu Jiagi (Kiki) 4- Yu Yan 5- Xie Keyin (Shaking) 6- An Qi (Babymonster An) 7- Zhao Xiaotang 8- Kon Xueer (Snow Kong) 9- Lu Keran (K Lu)
  4. xdreamsandflames

    do y'all watch Youth With You? who's your favourite from the remaining contests?

    do you guys watch youth with you? if so, who's your favourite contestant from the remaining? (first episode) (ranking episode where esther yu ranked top1) i love esther yu but my favourites are babymonster an, liu xin, snow kong, k lu, shaking and jue chen i have such a soft spot for girls...
  5. maruberry

    Performance I have found my kryptonite

    Tomboy girls acting cute... is my absolute kryptonite! I love tomboy girls.... I love cute girls.... Those 2 tend to often be mutually exclusive, but NOT when it comes to Lin Fan!
  6. maruberry

    Reality Idol Producer S3/Youth with you S2 OFFICIAL THREAD

    Twitter TRAINEES
  7. maruberry

    Reality Idol Producer/Youth with you to have QUADRUPLETS participating

    I... well... I am really interested in seeing how they do! QUADRUPLETS! THERE IS FOUR OF THEM! At least they all have their hair at different lenghts!
  8. maruberry

    Reality Trainees on Idol Producer who have already debuted before!

    10 members of SNH48 (3 of them from 7Senses) 2 members of AKB48 Team SH This is gonna be interesting to see, both AKB48 members AND SNH48 members.... OOOF Dreamcatchers' Handong Fanxy Red's Keran (K) - STAN KERAN, STAN FANXY RED VOTE FOR KERAN! + Natures Aurora (?) Altho I can't find her on...
  9. QueenB

    Reality Photos of Idol Producer 3 Contestants

    So the different companies participating are releasing photos of the trainees that'll be on the show! I'm so excited~
  10. maruberry

    Variety Idol Producer S3 rap mentor will be Jony J + rant

    Alright who TF decided this. THIS man has MULTIPLE times dissed idols in his songs. Said idols can't be artists he entered a collaboration show, only to drop out of it because he REFUSED to make music together with idols. This dude is absolute fucking trush and who tf decided he would be a good...