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  1. simpforsuzuki

    Midnight Snacks 😋

    What are some of y’all’s midnight snacks? i normally get a yoghurt cup, a cookie, and grape juice
  2. milk

    I only enjoy muffin tops :(

    I noticed that whenever I eat any muffin, I think the top of it is delicious. But after I eat it, I don't want to finish the rest.... I think it is because the rest of the muffin doesn't have all the good stuff like the top. It is the best part! Do you enjoy eating a whole muffin or do you...
  3. K

    shoutout to ma boy too<3

    for getting me sushi again today. Both my tum-tum and my heart are pleased, just sayin :pikahappy:
  4. sandwich

    Favorite Ice Cream?

    Chocolate and oreo ice cream 😊 also like the coffee ice cream!