1. hottiesheral

    Information Loona Tournament Info

    This will include Solo's subnuits and group projects You will have 24 hours to vote Starts at 3 PM CST (2 hours n 30 minutes)
  2. hottiesheral

    loona tournament?

    hmmm... yes or no
  3. Minuteman

    LOONA Subunit Badge Thread - Final Voting

    It came to my attention that while there are badges for all 12 LOONA members and an OT12 badge, there are no badges for the subunits! I think it's time to change that. So @Joy and I have decided to host the Badge thread for the subunits. SUGGESTION PERIOD 3/21/2019 - 3/28/2019 at 12:00 am US...
  4. Minuteman

    Which LOONA Subunit Is Your Favorite?

    WHICH LOONA SUBUNIT IS YOUR FAVORITE? I already posted a thread asking about everyone's favorite members, so now it's time to see what everyone's favorite subunit is! As with the Favorite Member poll, I will include the results of this poll in the analysis part of my LOONA Tournament Recap...
  5. Minuteman

    [POLL] love4eva vs Love Cherry Motion - LOONA Tournament Round 2

    #5 LOVE4EVA VS #12 LOVE CHERRY MOTION LOONA TOURNAMENT ROUND 2 Welcome to the LOONA Tournament! Round 1 was very straightforward without any dramatic showdowns. But now we'll see the more popular songs get involved, which should start to make things very interesting! Here are the results from...