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zodiac signs

  1. Yuzuru

    The Pet You Should Have, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

    Note: This isn’t my list, so don’t start bashing me. Warning ⚠: Scorpio people might freak out/afraid bc of their pet choice… Aries: Hamster Taurus: Chicken Gemini: Chameleon Cancer: Turtle Leo: Cat Virgo: Bunnies Libra: Birds ( Love birds ) Scorpio:Tarantula Sagittarius: Marimo Moss Capricorn...
  2. QueenB

    Your biases zodiac signs?

    So I recently saw a post about X1's zodiac signs and two of my favorite members were Scorpio (Wooseok) and Virgo (Minhee). I vaguely remembered some of my other biases having similar signs so I made a list: what i've learned from this list is that I always think I have a thing for Virgos...