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  1. Yuzuru

    Takeout you should order based on your zodiac sign

    Anyone cooking? If not, here’s some take out places you should order based on your zodiac sign. Aries: Mexican Taurus: Italian Gemini: Pizza Cancer: Chinese Leo: Ramen Virgo: Mediterranean Libra: Burger and fries Scorpio: Italian Sagittarius: Tapas Capricorn: Salads and wraps Aquarius...
  2. Yuzuru

    The donut you should buy based on your zodiac sign

    Now by any chances, if you’re in mood for donut. To find the type which to buy, here are donuts based on your zodiac sign. Aries: Baked Apple Cider donut Taurus: Jelly donut Gemini: Donuts holes Cancer: Lemon Blueberry Donuts Leo: Strawberry frosted donuts Virgo: Chocolate maple donuts Libra...
  3. Yuzuru

    Your lucky charm, based on your zodiac sign

    So I’m certain many of you know what good luck brings you however with your lucky charm you can attract even more. ( if you believe in luck ) Aries: A key Taurus: Number 7 Gemini: A Fuzzy dice Cancer: A ladybug Leo: Gem(s) Virgo: The Evil Eye Libra: Triangles Scorpio: Horseshoes Sagittarius: A...
  4. Yuzuru

    The game board you are based on your zodiac sign

    Let’s play a game. Based on your zodiac sign, here’s the game board you represent: Aries: Trouble Taurus: Catan Gemini: Scrabble Cancer: Sorry Leo: The game of Life Virgo: Clue Libra: Checkers Scorpio: Ouija Sagittarius: Jumanji Capricorn: Risk Aquarius: Monopoly Pieces: Candy Land Huh…so I’m...
  5. Yuzuru

    Ice cream you should try based on your zodiac sign

    Another fun zodiac list. This is just for fun. Let’s start off with… Aries: You get Rocky Road Taurus: Chocolate chip cookie dough Gemini: Birthday cake Cancer: Mango Leo: Hot fudge sundaes Virgo: Cookies and cream Libra: Neapolitan Scorpio: Mint chocolate chip Sagittarius: Moose tracks...
  6. Yuzuru

    The animal you are based on your zodiac sign

    Another fun zodiac list. NOTE: This list isn’t my own. Let’s see which animal you are based on your zodiac sign. Aries: Grizzly Bear Taurus: Sloth Gemini: Fox Cancer: Kangaroo Leo: Tiger Virgo: Gazelle Libra: Swan Scorpio: Rattlesnake Sagittarius: Elephant Capricorn: Goat Aquarius: Orangutan...
  7. Yuzuru

    The dog breed you are based on your zodiac sign

    Another fun list Find out which dog breed you are based on your zodiac sign. Aries: German Shepard Taurus: Basset Hounds Gemini: Siberian Husky Cancer: Dalmatians Leo: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Virgo: Poodle Libra: Bichon Frise Scorpio: Doberman Sagittarius: Border Collie Capricorn...
  8. Yuzuru

    The Pet You Should Have, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

    Note: This isn’t my list, so don’t start bashing me. Warning ⚠: Scorpio people might freak out/afraid bc of their pet choice… Aries: Hamster Taurus: Chicken Gemini: Chameleon Cancer: Turtle Leo: Cat Virgo: Bunnies Libra: Birds ( Love birds ) Scorpio:Tarantula Sagittarius: Marimo Moss Capricorn...
  9. alo

    enough with mbti, let's go back to zodiac signs!

    so that MBTI compatibility website, as you'd have noticed i'm sure, also had an option for zodiac sign compatibility. i don't personally believe in either, so OF COURSE i had to do the zodiac one! more biases, no wreckers turns out we're meant to be, dahyun and i.
  10. Yuzuru

    The Color You Should Be Wearing Based on Your Zodiac Sign

    Now we have colors for your zodiac today. -Behold- Aries: Red Taurus: Green Gemini: Yellow Cancer: Sky Blue Leo: Orange Virgo: Grey Libra: Light Pink Scorpio: Black Sagittarius: Purple Capricorn: Navy Blue Aquarius: Aqua Pieces: Lavender There you have it everyone. Do these colors match you...
  11. Yuzuru

    The popcorn flavor that embodies each zodiac sign, according to astrology

    Aries: Flamin’ Hot Cheddar Popcorn Taurus: Churro Popcorn Gemini: Caramel Cheddar Popcorn Cancer: Caramel Popcorn Leo: Lemonade popcorn Virgo: Mint Chocolate Cookie Popcorn Libra: Cookies and cream popcorn Scorpio: Cheddar Jalapeño Popcorn Sagittarius: Confetti popcorn Capricorn: Cheddar...
  12. Soleski

    Whats your zodiac sign? Is it suits you?

    Since I cant form an opinion on users i came up with this thread. I am a scorpio ♏ and yes its suits me, its hard with me :potato: Share yours :pandalove: