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  1. Yseki

    Yseki Bias Watch

    An update in what is going on in Yseki land, (I put this in kmusic since both of them were once kmusic celebrities) Z.Tao uploaded pictures of his latest concert Kim Jae Joong announced his first JPN cover album will be coming out on September the 18th. JYJ's Jaejoong seems to be very...
  2. Yseki

    Audio King Of China Is Back

  3. QueenB

    MV Z.Tao, Luhan, and Victoria dance to Kris Wu's "Big Noodle Soup"

    They make cameos in the video which is a dance/mv sort thing of people dancing to the song
  4. Yseki

    Audio Is Z.Tao A Ballad Singer Now?

    His last three singles, I actually prefer Mandopop Ballad Artist Z.Tao over Hip Hop Artist Z.Tao.