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25 November 2018
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Suggested by @Lowkey

I absolutely adore the instrumental, the trap part took me off guard. The vocals are great too esp. the adlibs. 9/10

01. Cactus: Has an old kpop flavor but at the same time, a very avant-garde approach. 7.5/10
02. Callin': Cactus 2.0?? 6/10
03. Black and Blue: Very good song, I just wish the rap verses had a little bit more strenght. The beat drop going lower instead of higher, after the build up, was a nice twist. 8.5/10
04. Take Me Higher: 9/10
05. Dessert: Ironically refreshing. I feel like I could dance to this at a white party in front of the beach or the pool. 8/10
06. 5star (Incompletion): A solid ballad to close the album, it follows an old formula but it works. 7/10
07. Cactus (선인장) Inst:
08. Callin' Inst.:
09. 5star (Incompletion) Inst.

Overall: I think they have a lot of potential that wasn't shown. I mean, the album is nice but I feel like they could've taken more risk, trying unconventional genres or simply twisting the old formula, just like they did on Black and Blue or Take me higher. 7.5/10

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