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25 November 2018
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Suggested by @Grazil

Nice song, I enjoyed the rap verses but I couldn't relate to the rest of it... 6.5/10

1. INTRO: It's meant to keep you intrigued and it works. 6/10
2. A lie: I thought it'll be a typical ballad but it changed towards the first chorus and surprised me. Great vocals were delivered. 7.5/10
3. Crushing On You Again: I definitely have a thing for the funky vibes. Groovy. 8/10
4. Good timing: It feels like a japanese song. I really liked the rock influence. 7/10
5. Nightmare: Very chill and refreshing. Idk who does the raspy vocals but I liked it as well as the rap verses, very well done. 8/10
6. In Dreams: I really loved the vocals in here, soft and full of emotions. 8.5/10
7. Sparkling: A lot of things happening in this song but none of them worked for me. 5/10
8. To my star: Nice but generic. 6/10
9. Melancholy: Great instrumental. The rap verses and the vocals are well executed. 8.5/10
10. I'll Find You:
:pandalove::pandalove: 9/10
11. Drunk On You: A BOP 9/10
12: Together: Very relaxing, a good to way to finish the album. 7/10

OVERALL: It seems like they can do anything. The only thing the album lacks its for a more impactful song, even though, they have really good tracks in there and a wide range of genres, I couldn't tell what's their strenght as group or their distinctive sound. Anyways, the album it's a solid 7/10.
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3 November 2018
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I only ever liked their last album :pepecry1:I've listened to previous songs but it wasn't really for me but I'kk maybe give this album another listen since you rated it relatively good:queen:
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