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Analysing the lyrics of "City Lights" by Yunho ft. Taeyong [18+] (2 Viewers)


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18 November 2018
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So, I thought I will start a little series where I analyze the lyrics and meaning of suspiciously 18+ lyrics in kpop!
I will be starting with one of my favorites and the song that started the ship YunYong
City Lights!

So let us start!

The dark night thickened on the first floor
The city lights spread, your angled hair
In the space between my half-closed eyes
You shine, yeah I close my eyes

This is quite obviously Yunho admiring the one in bed with him. Looking at that person and appreciating all the curves and details of that person. He or she is illuminated by the city lights and looks even better due to it!

in the space between that blurred focus, you come nearer
Press against each other, until we can’t stick any closer

This is where the sex starts! Honestly, there isn't even much to analyze here, it is said pretty clearly!

It’s a night twisting in seduction
Like an instant, you spread inside me

This might be referring to Yunho being a bottom, since the other is spreading inside him.

After I swallow you again
I’m in agony, I’m in even more agony

Seems like they are going for more than one round, but Yunho's partner is quite rough, so his ass is a bit sore!

At the end of my gaze, burrow in deeply
Rock [back and forth] messily, make me dizzy, let go

The sex is good and hard it sounds like!

Your hand moves where I want it
The moment for escape is too late

The partner starts jacking him off and the escape comes. What is meant by too late though... It might mean that Yunho is already in love or far gone or that the orgasm got ruined. It might mean a lot of different things!

Freakin’ I’m down down
Give it up loud loud
Give it up Keep it up
Fall into it bit by bit

This is the part where tayong comes in! This sounds like taeyong coaxing the other (Yunho?) into keeping it up and just generally whispering sweet nothings into his ears!

I find you, 11m Gulliver
Your whereabouts are bit by bit submerged in silence and
This city is pitch-black
Black black black

While Yunho keeps mentioning his other being bright and like the city lights, Taeyong says the city is pitch-black, maybe meaning that he doesn't see himself as a light. He doesn't see himself as the good guy or somebody who should be loved or revered like that.

Like 7th sense 7th sense 7th sense
I lose lose lose my senses
Go crazy and call 119 one more night

Referring to calling 119, might mean taeyong thinks he is dangerous and him going crazy and losing his senses like that aren't a good thing. This might be the reason he says the city is black. He doesn't want his actions to be seen.

After you shake me up
After you disappear like an instant
I put on fire

Seems like these 2 don't get together often (Maybe because they both have busy schedules) and the moments they get together are very brief. After that moment is over, taeyong puts the fire on. Maybe meaning the city is now light again, the lights are on. There is nothing to be ashamed of anymore.

Finishing opinions!

This song really makes me think of YunYong! I feel like Yunho sees Taeyong as somebody who has a lot of eyes on him and who shines really brightly. Yunho absolutely adores him and loves him.

Taeyong on the other hand is desperate to keep the relationship hidden. He and Yunho don't get a lot of time and opportunities to be together also. He loves Yunho and Yunho makes him go crazy, but he thinks the relationship is a bad idea and should be hidden.

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28 February 2019
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Neo City
The lyric video is wrong

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