News Arin donated $10M won of goods to Community Chest (1 Viewer)

18 February 2019
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On January 20, Oh My Girl’s youngest member Arin donated $10 million won (approximately $9,100) worth of goods to the Community Chest of Korea to help senior citizens living alone and low-income citizens.

To ensure these citizens are able to stay warm this winter, Arin donated 563 sets of undergarments. The singer commented, “I made my donation to spread warmth to my low-income neighbours who are going through a hard time due to the ongoing spread of COVID-19.”

Kim Yong Hee, the secretary general of the Community Chest of Korea, shared, “We will relay these goods to our local residents who have been isolated in the cold weather to ensure that they are able to spend a warm winter, even amid the difficult situation of COVID-19.”


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