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19 November 2018
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ASTRO's youngest member, Yoon Sanha, has been cast in his debut acting role in an upcoming web drama!

Announced to be starring alongside AOA's Chanmi, the two are the leads in a romantic web drama entitled "Love Equation 11M." The story follows a young college student as she leads a life outside of her dream, the soccer dream taken away after an unfortunate injury. Her upperclassman, a boy that's liked her since their youth together, is popular with the ladies because of his good looks and is the key striker at his college soccer club. As expected, the two reunite and the elder finds out what true love really is.

The director of the web drama stated that he chose Sanha for his boyish face and how well it would portray the "freshness and purity of young love." Sanha has expressed his nerves in his debut acting role, but that he's also excited to participate in the challenging new venture of his career.

Look for "Love Equation 11M" coming soon!

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