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26 August 2018
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As far as the songs go I only vaguely know Juicy, otherwise this is all new :sanapray:

Blue Punch- I won't count it in the ranking because it's an intro but I actually like it, it's hype. This is an intro done right.

Juicy- It starts out okay, but I can't stand the chorus to be honest. It's so repetitive and not in a good way. I think the verses are alright, but the chorus is too talk singing and I can't stand choruses like that most of the time. I know cringe lyrics are a staple of kpop but what's up with these ones. I can see why some people would like it, but it's not for me. 4/10

Summer Punch- I like this one much more. I think they sound better in here, despite still having some talk singing. I do think that the chorus could be a bit better, maybe with more varied vocals, but not if they go out of range. I'm less opposed to the rap here as well, it fits better in my opinion. It's a fun song that I'll definitely be adding to my playlist. 7/10

One Summer Night- Oh great a ballad. They sound fine, but the song doesn't strike any interest in me. It just feels like a rehash of most girl group ballads. 4/10

Twinkle Star- The instrumental at the start is a bit loud for the vocals, I don't like that part. I would say that's a common problem throughout the song unfortunately. I find it difficult to enjoy the song because of it. That aside, the song is alright. It doesn't feel particularly interesting, I could see a lot of girl groups releasing this song. 5/10

The The- I like the instrumental for this one, it's interesting. I dislike the transition into the chorus, it feels pretty sudden. I also don't particularly enjoy the melody of the song, or the rap break. It feels like other than the instrumental it could be very forgettable. 4/10

Overall: 4.8

Thanks for reading, even if I didn't enjoy it all that much :yolk:
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