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7 March 2019
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This is sensitive and the themes are of a 18+ nature, so I would advise than anyone under 18 not read on. Also, while you can tell me to f**k off I would advise you to read my post in its entirety before coming for me.

I understand that many do not feel comfortable stanning or even listening to artists after they have been found to engage in grievous acts of misconduct and/or violence. While I feel this is a personal decision and valid I would like to make a case for why those who choose not to do such are justified.

A list of musicians involved in misconduct:

-Elvis (accusations of Racism)
-Jimi Hendrix (Violence)
-Ozzy Osbourne (Animal Cruelty, Domestic Violence)
-Jimi Page (Child Molestation)
-Mick Jagger (Allusions toward sex with a 15 Year old)
-Iggy Pop (Said to have had intercourse with a 13 Year old)
-Madonna (Emotional abused Michael Jackson)
-Cher (Initial negative response to her daughter Chastity before she transitioned)
-R Kelly (Do I really need to explain)...
-K-Ci (Excessive Emotional and Physical Abuse toward Mary J Blige).
-Prince (accusations of Homophobia)
-Sinead O'Connor (tearing up Pope's picture on TV)
-Tim Lambesis (solicitation to murder)
-Mariah Carey (Well documented history of narcissism, lying, and disrespect)
-Ariana Grande (I hate America was quite a scandal)
-Corey Taylor (Everyone knows he is known to be an ass)
-Ben Moody (Abuse toward Amy)
-Christina Aguilera (Diva behavior)
-Eminem (general sensitivity and bad behavior. Known to make diss records if someone says the slightest negative remark about him. Hypocrisy).
-Axl Rose (violence. Diva behavior. Just an all out dick.)
-Nikki Sixx+Tommy Lee (Nikki said in "the dirt" that he pulled a "prank" on a groupie where he would leave the room during coatis and have Tommy go in and act like he was Nikki and have sex with the woman. This is rape by deception.)
-Tommy Lee (Domestic Violence)
-Marvin Gaye (Domestic Violence)

These are all artists who have engaged in misconduct. This is not compiled in any meaningful way, but as they occurred to me. Thus, some artists will be followed by others who committed minor legal infractions and/or moral infractions.

This post is not meant to devalue or justify actions, but rather to show that art can still be enjoyed and that an artist is separate from their work. Caravaggio is a murderer, but his contribution to western art cannot be discounted. Thus, boycotting artists is a valid practice for some, but not for others. This post is meant to show why some may continue listening to artists who are deplorable people, but musical innovators.

@RandAlThor I know you're more well versed in classic 70-80s rock so feel free to challenge me if I am wrong about any of the artists mentioned.
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3 November 2018
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For the Diva behavior I really think it depends on how far the Diva's take it, normally not only Christina but also Mariah Carey, Beyonce etc get put into a Diva category as well and even in K-Pop now, we recently had the Irene thing some weeks back
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