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3 November 2018
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Beating Heart:
Pretty piano introduction. This isn't really my type of song though, I could see it may be playing in the background at a coffee place. There isn't necessarily anything wrong with the song or awful about it I just....don't care for it by any means. It's forgettable and doesn't stand out despite being pretty sounding. So I kind of am unsure of how to rate this because the main thing is I don't care for it by any means nor find it unique either or something that would stand out so...


This already sounds a million times better and more interesting than the first song. Though I will admit her tone doesn't seem to fit the first part well which is a bit unappealing. Once again the uniqueness kind of vanished after the start, the instrumental was the thing that made it stand out at first and now it feels lackluster again which is again unappealing to me with this song. I'm not a fan of this song but once again it's not AWFUL.

Before After:

Once again a beautiful intro with the piano. This is much more attractive overall sound wise to me and more appealing as well. I think the chorus stands out a bit more than in the previous songs and that's really nice and enjoyable. This is just a bit better than the previous ones but not by much. The overall sound is just nicer and I feel like more work was put into making it catchier.

Lonely Night:

Nice instrumental start again but nervous because this already sounds like a slow song but let's hope it either moves me or gets stuck in my head because you bet I have a hard time with slower songs. Oh, a build up? I actually oddly enough like the bit that happens moments before the chorus. There's nothing wrong with the chorus but it's not as satisfying as I was hoping it would be. The ending of the song saved it. All the high notes and parts were more satisfying than any of the ones near the start.


Already this one has piqued my interest. I like the almost jazzy upbeat vibe I'm getting so far. Yeah, this is definitely one of her better songs, I think the finished the album with one of the best songs. I mean it's not amazing or anything but it's a lot more interesting sound-wise compared to the previous ones. There isn't really a super bland or boring part in the song so far. The Zico rap is interesting but I think it fits better than I expected it to when I saw he was featured.

Overall: 5.7/10

This definitely was not my cup of tea but I hope you like the review.

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