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3 November 2018
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In this thread you can form your opinion, harsher or simpler ones. Positive or negative.
Once you posted your opinion others can quote your post and add their counter opinions and proofs that might suggest that your opinion is wrong.

However, you still have to follow our forum rules.
| Be kind and courteous to others. Any member that posts rude or hateful comments towards other members will receive a warning from the mods. Repeat offenders may be subject to temporary or permanent bans from the forum. If you, as a member, receive an unkind or hateful comment from another member, please contact a moderator immediately. |

| Having an opinion is perfectly fine, but don't go around telling people "so-and-so sucks" or "so-and-so is a slut" or "this group or that group are untalented, and they should disband." Mods will not tolerate this kind of behavior. If anyone sends you hateful PMs or comments concerning a Kpop group or artist, please contact any of the mods immediately. |

Please, no excessive or unnecessary use of the f-word on this forum, and please no swearing at other members. |

| Here are examples of things that mods consider "rude" and/or "hateful," and they will not be tolerated: |
- name-calling
- negative comments made towards another forum member's or idol's skin color, gender, race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, or sexual orientation
- negative/hurtful comments made towards a particular Kpop group or member *
- threats of any kind towards another member
- excessive swearing directed at a member or members
- unprovoked verbal attacks towards other members

We want this thread to be more of a discussion one rather than purely for bashing or shading.

Acceptable opinions:
1. X is a lazy dancer because when watching her it seems like she doesn't have fun performing and rather wants to do something else instead
2. Y is one of the weakest K-Pop rappers because he doesn't have a good flow
3. Z vocals are really weak, his breathy voice holds him back more than it doing any good for him
4. C is one of the best dance groups, they have xx members and are really just synchronized well with all the members
5. K is a great company because they take care of their artists health and education

* Unacceptable opinions:
1. My god i freaking hate X, she's just such a bad dancer and I wish she would just vanish from the screen
2. Y looks like a bus drove against him
3. Z = Golden Maknae? Pfft F are so deluded I can't believe how you can hype up such a untalented idol

Try to stay level headed and not get triggered by other user's opinions about a group or certain idol.
If you feel like a user went over the top feel free to report their comments, additionally this thread will be closely monitored if the rules will be ignored multiple times.


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7 November 2018
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Change my mind:
iKon being under YG and being under promoted works to their advantage.

Imagine iKon being under any other company and:
  • beating on their members
  • mocking other ggs
  • making fun of an incident where a GG member was actually hurt
  • making fun of a NGG member's accent
  • cross dressing
  • mocking LGBT
  • Promoting art from an anti-korean artist
  • talking down to their concerned fans.

They'd be crucified worse than T-ara except they'd actually kinda deserve it

But good on them for working that Naver connection
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23 February 2019
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Oh, agree. They did the same with RV and f(x). I hope the same doesn't happen to RV once the new SMGG debuts.
I think it will tbh. cause rv is somewhat treated like older group now even though there not old dunno how to explain
plus i dnt think sm knows how to promote rv now
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